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The 7 Deadly Sins

From ‘The Anarchy and chaos Theory of Anne’s little confused Brain’ to ‘The Seven Deadly Sins’ The basis of this work is performance, an artform through which a combination of painting, display of film, sound, filming, photography, print and installation has been archieved. As a starting point to my work a collaboration with Ed Talbot, led to such a performance called: ‘The anarchy and chaos Theory of Anne’s little confused Brain’. The performer within the piece, wearing a boiler suit, slashes balloons filled with paint hanging of the ceiling, therefore being a ‘live’ painting on the floor in front of the public. The boiler suit and the balloons pushed the project further. Experimentation with these materials (balloons and suits followed: such as stuffing the suots with balloons resemling human beings. This directed me towards the idea of giving them faces, consequently adding masks, painted red. At this point, research within Rebecca Horn’s and Marina Abramovic’s per