The world is changing in many different ways. There has been a nuclear disaster and everything is destroyed. Earth is merely a moonlike landscape. All living creatures are dead. Everything is quiet after the world explosion. Is really everything dead? All of them, all of us?
Is there the slightest possibility that something or someone has survived this disaster? Something must have, but what is it?
Two weird fascinating black and white insects - like creatures that are not even born yet may see the darkness of Wasteland.
 They hatch out of their cocoons that are burned and scalded. These poor creatures are scared and lost. ‘What happened to ur parents?’ they seem to ask. Is there anybody who can help? Anxiously the insect creatures look around to find something, anything. ‘Help’, they want to scream but they can’t they are mute. Mutated mute. Not one word or sound they can make. They are lost!

Out of their own power they start to change themselves. They learn how to get along in the Wasteland of dust and discontentedness. First the one creature strikes off her black wings and forms a white shell out of its own accord. Everything is so dark, they cannot see properly either. The eyes are whitened because of the darkness. They must change themselves to be able to survive in their surrounding.
The Mutation begins - they turn into light. They get rid of the black depressing shell and develop into wonderful light creatures. Even their wings change.
The one has begun with the development, it tries to lure its black companion into the same sphere of light. Mysteriously it manages to convert the other miserable thing into one of the light creatures.

Performance with Spring Beirer

Anne Lindner

Spring Beirer