Behind Closed Doors

People behind glass… squished…
Paint on my face.
White and black…
Screaming faces behind glass doors… 
I am trapped there is no way out
I want to escape but there is no slit.
I want to leave
I can’t
I am trapped in my self-built prison.
I am suffocating there is no air. I can’t even scream.
The sound is not traveling.
I open my mouth but there is nothing.
I see the little boy hit by a car. I turn away I cannot watch
I want to scream but I am numb
There is no one to help. The little boy needs help but no one understands.
I can’t get out.
I can’t move. All is in slow motion. The glass wont let me through.
I can’t move. The glass wont let me through.
I bang my fists against the glass. It makes no sound.
I am waiting for my chance to escape.
I am trying so hard to get out but these walls are stable.
Resistance is strong.
The dragonfly is waiting to be unleashed.
Are you ready to catch me?
Try to be my hero.
All my senses are on hold.
I can’t move forward nor back.
Stuck between these walls of glass.
Waiting for you to release me.
Wake up!