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If they had a Voice - Installation 2014

  --> How do women cope with their loss, and their pain, when it comes to a miscarriage? Nowadays, it seems that it is easier to cope with this subject, but nevertheless there is still a lot unspoken. It seems that women are left alone with their thoughts and feelings. It is a hard subject matter to absorb. My aim is not to hurt people with my work, but to make them think about it. I enjoy working in different Media, hence the mixture of Photography with Installation. The black and white Imagery, linking to ultra sound pictures, represents the nascency of a child. The eggs and tubes of the inside of a female body and the sperm doing it‘s part for the synthesis. The Installation is of a gigantic Uterus made out of cloth. Inside are hanging little ‘bulbs’, which are filled with little ‘fetuses’, so to speak. Latex is placed around the bulbs so one can only see the mere shadows of the inside. The aim is to have as many of these bulbs as possible and then