If they had a Voice - Installation 2014


How do women cope with their loss, and their pain, when it comes to a miscarriage?
Nowadays, it seems that it is easier to cope with this subject, but nevertheless there is still a lot unspoken.
It seems that women are left alone with their thoughts and feelings.
It is a hard subject matter to absorb.

My aim is not to hurt people with my work, but to make them think about it.
I enjoy working in different Media, hence the mixture of Photography with Installation.
The black and white Imagery, linking to ultra sound pictures, represents the nascency of a child. The eggs and tubes of the inside of a female body and the sperm doing it‘s part for the synthesis.

The Installation is of a gigantic Uterus made out of cloth. Inside are hanging little ‘bulbs’, which are filled with little ‘fetuses’, so to speak. Latex is placed around the bulbs so one can only see the mere shadows of the inside. The aim is to have as many of these bulbs as possible and then to hang them of the ceiling, so they dangle in the air, lost and fragile.
Furthermore there are little fetuses, made out of clay, on the floor, spread on a red sheet, representing the unborn lost children. The sound in the background of the Installation is of a child’s heartbeat. The viewer entering the Uterus becomes the Intruder, the reason why these children are lost.

The Imagery of the third part of the triptych consists of 3 Images held in colour to emphasize the loss of a child. There are fetuses lying in blood and amniotic fluids. This is the part where the viewer is confronted with the hard part of losing.

The idea is to hang the first part at the entrance of the uterus, and as the viewer walkes though the uterus and gets out at the end of it there would be hanging the 3 Images of the lost children. The Uterus itself is fragile, and so basically the viewer that walks though is the cause of the loss of the child: he is the intruder. We mostly do not know what causes miscarriages, it can be anything and nothing, but the feeling that is left behind is for most women (and men) devastating.